Essential Cultivation Course

The real internal training

A course to understand the immersive world of internal arts and body-mind development. Learn progressively exercises to make positive and unexpected changes in your practice. Whether you are a martial artist or a holistic researcher, you will find useful hints.

The Most Comprehensive Course of the Internal Cultivation

- 3 years course divided into 3 levels to comprehend and grasp the pillars of Nei Gong alchemy

- 2+ didatical and theoretical videos per week

- Study a unified system of internal arts for health, harmonious mind and high performance. Essential elements and methods from Da Cheng Quan, Tai Ji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang and Xing Yi

- Discover your hidden potential and develop new state of consciousness

- Develop abilities beneficial to your life at your own pace

- Lu Shi Jie Gou and external Martial Training to maximize your physical performance and optimize your whole martial structure

- Get online support and feedback from the Master and instructors of Decode in different countries

About the Master:

Master Mauro Antonino D’Angelo, Founder of Decode, dedicates his life exclusively to researching, practicing and teaching traditional martial arts and disciplines of body and mind improvement. 

Living in China, he has travelled and continue to travel all over Asia, collecting living testimonies of different lineages and systems, studying from the masters of the past generation and experimenting on himself the various methods and principles.

He summarizes his direct study and experience into the program that is today, making it accessible for everyone using modern explanations.

Giuseppe Turturo

Hung Gar & Tai Ji Quan Master

"Master Mauro A. D'Angelo is a humble person, generous and available to all those people who want to approach the essence of martial arts with love and dedication. Now I am on my 43rd year of martial career and research, approaching the teachings of Master D'Angelo, I found in my practice a greater evolution and awareness: rooting, stability, listening and understanding of movement have been increased. Having the experience of practicing together with his students, who are worthy representatives of their master, gave me more certainty to follow his teachings. Many people often speak and it ends by the end of the dialogue, with Maestro Mauro A. D'Angelo, words become reality and reality merges with the experience of the past and the concretization of the present."

Fabio Marcelloni
Tang Lang & Tai Ji Quan Master

"I have been teaching Qi Xing Tang Lang Quan,Tai Ji Quan and other martial systems for 25 years, and studying with masters that I recognize deeply, I have realized that Master D'Angelo provides me with a path that I had never seen in anyone before. His method is independent of styles and focuses on the essential of all systems – to build a martial body. The teaching we receive is sincere, there are no secrets, it is concrete, you can experience it from theory to practice. Being part of the Decode means experiencing firsthand, Mauro D'Angelo never backs down with anyone, he can advise you and allows you to grow. My practice has changed since I followed him, the internal work is tangible and I will always be grateful for this."

Cathy Gradel

Occupational Retraiting Pilot

"The visible part of a martial art is the tecniques aspect that can be used in fighting situation. When you begin to learn Kung Fu it's easy to focus the attention only on this and think that you will get it if you train with dedication and consistency. I did so. As a result I got some arm wounds that made me think I should stop because my body was not able to fit in such physical training. I hadn’t caught the invisible part of martial art spirit because actually the enemy doesn’t lay outside but inside yourself. First of all I had to reach a quiet and relaxed body and mind. Easy to say, not so to put in place. I have found in Decode school and in my Master Mauro A.D’Angelo a valid and precious help to move in the right direction. This has changed my way of leading with all kind of life situation. Mauro’s teaching guides you step by step in this way and gives you the opportunity to learn how to expand your body and your mind.”

What's included in this course:

  • Zhan Zhuang - different positions to create the internal frame and the base of cultivation
  • Xing Zhuang - Walking meditation (Ba Gua Zhang and Taoist tradition)
  • Song Exercises - sets of training to release the unnecessary tensions
  • Chi Sao and Tui Shou - various routines to develop sensibility and understanding of energies (Peng-Lu-Ji-An-Zhou-Lie-Cai- Kao)
  • Dan Tian Cultivation - method to increase the Qi level in the body
  • Shi Li: tests for energy movements
  • Tu Na Gong - breathing exercises and internal movements
  • Sheng Yin: Therapeutical sounds for martial and health purpose
  • Tao Lu - Various sequences of movements to amplify the body functionality.
  • Body Conditioning - mobility routines and training for increase vitality
  • Weekly training - follow the instruction for a complete training

What's more:

  • Exclusive Interviews with masters of different lineages and traditions
  • Different interpretation of classics and ancient terms 
  • Detailed explanation of fundamental principles and the cultivation mechanism
  • Oriental philosophy, Yi Jing, Taoism and Confucianism taught in a concrete way
  • Chinese Medicine, Yin Yang Theory, 5 elements, Dian Xue and meridians
  • Lesson taught by experts in associated topics to internal abilities

Pushing Hands (Tui Shou and Chi Sao)

  • Ting Jin and Dong Jin - develop the sensibility and the understanding of energies 
  • Learn how to make the force of the opponent yours 
  • Connect yourself with Tian and Di
  • Learn a method to become rooted and stable

About our teaching:

  • Decades of teaching to codify an effective system for great results
  • Thousands of people have experienced the benefits of this method
  • Highly experienced martial artists have enhanced greatly their skills following this program
  • A progressive incremental method which is based on ancient traditions but systematized for the modern era
  • Various events in Europe and Asia for martial artists, corporation and personal development

Maya Ciani


"Many years ago I was looking for a gym near home for a self-defense course and I found a small and welcoming one a few hundred meters away, where martial art was taught. That was a small beginning, a small door that opened into a space that, the more time passes, the more I realize it is right inside of me. I have been following Master D'Angelo, since he opened that little door. Today gyms are just one of the steps of the Decode. The opportunities to interact with the Master, who lives most of the time in China, are many and varied: seminars, conferences, virtual platforms. The generosity and ability with which he shares his personal research and experience in the field of oriental arts and philosophy is exceptional. Today, that extra space that I found within myself lives and turns into practice, and it is perhaps the most effective self-defense I could ever hope to learn."

Daniele Marcolini
Kung Fu Master and Osteopath

"I have been practicing martial arts for many years, I have followed many masters and practiced different styles. What I found in Master D'Angelo and in his teaching goes far beyond style and technique, in fact there is much more ... try it to believe it. A real journey to discover your self, where the only thing that matters is practice. There are no secrets and everything is done in daylight. A sincere teaching done with the heart, within the reach of everyone, beginners and experts. Each of us, thanks to his research done in China and to a life dedicated to martial art in its entirety, will have the opportunity to develop, improve and expand their views regardless of style.The human and special relationship that each of us establishes with him will make the practice magical and unique."

Alessandro Panunzi

University Professor

"I practiced various martial arts, starting thirty years ago with judo, then with karate. Then I started studying Yiquan, twenty years ago, together with other internal styles. Over the years I have known many masters, but at a certain point I felt that my personal and martial growth had in some sense stopped. When I met Mauro D'Angelo, I was immediately impressed by his kindness, tranquility, passion in teaching and ability to transmit the fundamental principles in a clear and accessible way. Knowing him better, I learned to appreciate many other things. Above all, a truly rare quality: Mauro is able to understand what each student needs most, and always finds a way to make the student learn in practice, and not in the abstract. He works on single principles, through specific modules that aim to develop the necessary skills, one at a time. The order of the work is also very important: each new step is built on the level at which it was previously worked. All this makes the approach very clear, and the path well outlined."

Ziska Moretti

Project Manager

"I have been following for many years Master D'Angelo. When he decided to move to China to continue in a deeper way his research I continued to follow him even at a distance.Thus I entered the world of DECODE, a method studied and elaborated to translate or codify, for Westerners the best of traditional Chinese disciplines, the result of the Master's researches.The effects are immediate: increase the proprioception of the body, thoughts become fluid or rather suspended, the grain of emotions are refined. The set of these effects has brought, at least in my case, to increase awareness, agility, flexibility and lucidity in addition to an emotional clarity that I had not found in the practice of other disciplines, sporting and meditative. I was so impressed with the power of this practice that I would like it to be taught at school, in the workplace and in recreational places in general. "

Michelangelo Fedi
Tai Ji Quan Master

"Master D'Angelo approach does not indulge in the sterile perfecting of forms or postures, he tries to restore the instinctive vitality of the body. His teaching is supported by the experiences of the practice and by the continuous theoretical references, in a continuous dialogue with the tradition approached philologically. All of these convinced me to start again from the beginning, even though I have practiced Taijiquan and Qi Gong for over twenty years. The feeling is like a shared adventure in a warm and friendly atmosphere established between students under the attentive, expert but not dogmatic guide of Master D'Angelo.

Alessandro Lorenzo Palma

Electronics Engineer, PhD

"I found in Master D'Angelo a continuous will of getting deeper in his studies with an unquestionable intellectual honesty. Actually, I found this approach as a game-changing difference respect to my other martial experiences. The research activities of Master D'Angelo brought him to the exploration of ancient knowledges, studying directly with the masters of the past generation. He filtered and translated the ancient knowledges into a modern language and make it accessible to the others. Moreover, a unique feature that I continue to experience in the relation with him is his availability in he constant will of sharing, which make him a great popularizer."